“Be not afraid. Only believe.” (Mark 5:36)

It is staggering how many times the people of God are exhorted, “be not afraid” or “do not fear”. In fact, Jesus said this rather regularly to the people of His day. All the fears of men come from the flesh and we all must contend with the temptation to do so. But fear has an expectation of torment or trouble. Jesus has delivered us from the fear of death and faith is able to overcome all doubts of the sufficient provision of God. Will circumstances change? Maybe not. Will all afflictions, persecutions and tribulations cease? No. But even still we need not fear. Believe only. God is able to rescue, deliver, and keep you in the midst of trouble. When the fire blazes around you, know that their is one like the son of God with you. And that which is eternal will not be touched by the flames nor will the smell of smoke be upon your spirit. Believe that.

-Brother Pat Woods