Today I read and discussed this chapter with my son Malachi (10), Asher (8), and my nephew Gideon (9). Here is what we came up with.
– Stay on the right path

– Pay attention to wisdom and you will be rewarded

– If we ask God for things like wisdom, He will give it. 

– Wisdom is primary and in all the things we go after…we must go after wisdom and understanding. Get it!

– Cleave to instruction and don’t let it go. Fight for it. 

– Don’t imitate those who do the wrong thing, instead help them do the right thing. We mutt be the leaders. We must create the peer pressure. Jesus told Peter not to worry about what He had planned for John, He said, “You, follow Me”. That can be said to all of us. 

– Don’t turn aside from the path to heaven. Don’t turn to the left or right: to entertainment, slothfulness, neglect etc. Focus on God – the main and ONE thing – and everything else will take care of itself. F.O.C.U.S. Follow One Course Until Success

– Believing God is enjoyable.