Vs 1-5. The word of God, and wisdom from above is a safeguard. Treasure the word of God, seek close fellowship with wisdom. The constant imbibing of the Scriptures will protect you from deception and immorality. 

Vs 6-23. An adulteress both literally and spiritually is seen in these verses. She is ungodly, wonders about in darkness and at night, she is loud, rebellious, and deceptive. She seeks to lure and devour good men. The young and foolish go after her quickly. 

Vs 24-27. Like the false church and false religion, the harlot seeks to turn men aside from the right path. She has cast down many, even strong men! Our burning desire for truth and our alertness and discernment will keep us from her clutches. 

The time is coming when the saying will be fulfilled: “Babylon is fallen and will rise no more!”

– Pat Woods